Lordy, lordy!

Lordy, lordy – a fabulous expression that a friend and work colleague used recently when I asked them for help with a particularly difficult problem that required several heads to solve. It also neatly sums up what I felt reading the other blogs in this program.

Far from being daunted, I am now determined to get to grips with this uncharted territory (uncharted by me at least) starting this evening with a shiny new twitter account and a facebook overhaul. That should keep my busy for a while.

Down the rabbit hole……….

So this is a first for me – blogging.

I’ve used lots of different publicity and engagement strategies in the past from getting contact details printed on amusing squishy things to mail outs and even organising international conferences. Over the years I found that there are real drawbacks to most of these strategies; reaching your target audience (and measuring if you’ve achieved the goal) for one but mainly the fact that they costs lots of cash! Something which isn’t that easy to come by at the moment.

When I started a preserve business earlier this year I was in a situation where I had very limited funds for anything – let alone something as frivolous as publicity – after all, I had sugar and jam jars to buy! This spurred me on to use my own facebook account (which was extremely dusty, and covered in cobwebs) to get the message out to people. I don’t have many ‘facebook friends’ as I’ve always been extremely suspicious of it and am daily amazed by the things normally sensible people are willing to share with millions of strangers, but even with my paltry address book I was amazed at how quickly the word spread to people in my area who I had never met before. In a few short months I had gained a following, and I now have people who come to my stall once a month to buy my preserves based on recommendations from facebook friends!

My stall at a local farmers market.

My stall at a local farmers market.

The range of different people who use social media became apparent to me and so I decided to explore it’s use in my ‘real’ job.

I am still a little apprehensive about social media (especially having seen the many career wrecking faux pas committed using social media that have been so well publicised in our press) but I now have a much more open mind and am prepared to be convinced. I’ve already had experience of the far reaching power of social media and lets face it, it has to be more economical and environmentally more sound than post it notes and amusing squishy things.

I hope I’ll have lots of help from any other social media explorers out there who may be listening to this – I have no doubt that I’ll need a hand from time to time!